Set your GOALS

Weight Today Chart your weight over time

Sometimes find it hard to stay on track? Our daily weight chart helps to keep you up to date with your progress. Track your weight daily and compare it to your target weight over time. Set your goals based on:

  • Time Goal - You want to lose weight by a certain date (ie wedding)
  • Weight Goal - You have a goal weight, our calculator will tell you when you can reach your goal


Welcome to Weight Today. Our site is currently in beta release and is almost complete. We are working to get the functionality complete and released soon. We are planning on have it complete and working great for you in the next month.

Here are some of the features that are / will be available:

  • Enter your weight daily
  • See your progress on a graph compaerd to plan
  • Create multiple scenarios to track weight over time
  • Compare your daily weight to your baseline plan
  • Easy and intuitive interface


Weight Today IPHONE APP

Weight Today IPHONE APP

Weight Today iPhone App Coming Soon Click [here] to see out progress on the iPhone App currnetly on the way. The app will be available through the Apple AppStore on your iPhone or through iTunes.